Legal Advisory Services

Gilchrist Global Services provides various legal advisory services both locally and internationally. With our plethora of experience, we have been able to provide efficient and thorough legal advisory services to our clients so that they fully informed and supported by our phenomenal team of cutting-edge legal professionals.

We understand the need to adhere to our clients’ legal needs and it is our duty to provide superb legal services tailored specifically to the needs of our client. This is not a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. With the GGS Team, our clients are provided with meaningful work-product designed specifically to address the exact needs expressed. This ensures the most thorough and detailed handling of client concerns. We have previously worked with numerous government agencies to provide sufficient and efficient legal advisory services. We understand international organizations need legal advisors on a day-to-day basis and our team is delighted to provide those services upon request, with cutting edge technology and our hands on staff.

  • Contract Review, drafting, and negotiation
  • Legal Research and Issue Analysis
  • Ownership Service Review
  • Equity Advisor Services
  • Patent Legal Services
  • We have an understanding of how to resolve legal issues in
  • Able to resolve legal issues for compact or threshold program agreements
  • Ensure execution of threshold program agreements
  • Foreign language documentation translation
  • Assess and assist matter of local law globally
  • Provide assistance with international construction claims and dispute resolution
  • Legal, regulatory and policy reformation
  • Research on power, water supply and sanitation for new projects and policies


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