Real Estate Services

Gilchrist Global Services provides a one-stop shop solution for our Agency clients nationally as our firm has in-house title examiners, title agents, real estate attorneys, appraisers, surveyors; and we are proud to say that our comprehensive team is constantly growing. As a leading title and closing prime contractor for several federal Agencies, we are honored to serve those who serve our lands and who also serve our country. For almost a decade GGS was founded as a title agency with the core capability of real estate services as GGS’ Founder often remarks: “Real estate is the most interesting area of law because property rights connects various areas of law and various disciplines but real estate also connects us as our land stands a constant reminder of the American Dream and root of our past and our future.”

It is with GGS’ real estate services that all of our team members are often trusted by our Agency client to provide funding to Landowners for conserving our lands for generations to come or providing real estate title services to expand our military bases to support of our national defense. As such, each real estate document is thoroughly examined and our client know that as Team we guarantee the following for each and every transaction:
  • All GGS title team members have a current knowledge of the state or territory’s respective laws for real estate transactions.
  • GGS is national title agency and has title team members who are approved agents licensed to engage in title insurance business in the respective state and/or territory.
  • All GGS title team members are in good standing with the licensing authority where the credential was issued.
  • And lastly, all GGS title team members have consistently and successfully closed transactions for our Agency clients with a 100% success rate.
  • GGS also has a network of state-certified general real property appraisers nationally.
  • All GGS appraiser team members are in good standing with the licensing authority where the credential was issued.
  • All GGS appraiser team members have consistently demonstrated competency in compliance with USPAP in conducting market analyses of rural and agricultural properties.
  • All GGS appraisal reports are clear, accurate, and complete and in order to determine the fair market value of land being evaluated.
  • All GGS market analysis are conducted and reported in compliance with USPAP.
  • GGS has a 100% compliance rate with USPAP reviews from various Agency national reviewers.
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